Thursday, May 29, 2008

History of Urine Therapy (Part 1)

For you who had never heard moreover practiced drank auto urine, possibly will be disgusted and said: “Like just no other drug. Aren’t the urine dirty and the waste that was thrown away from our body?”

But did you know that the utilization of urine as medicine possibly had been since humankind was and spread over in all area on this earth. From India, the Damar Tantra book that was thousands of years old, in one of its chapters was discussed by the problem of medical treatment by using urine. From Germany, Europe, the manuscript was entitled Die Heylsame Dreckkapotheke (that meaning: dirty medicine that cured), which published in 1734, also discussed the problem of medical treatment by using urine. Two manuscripts above were proof was written that medical treatment by using urine was on this earth since thousands last year ago. And, possibly still had again the other manuscripts that discussed medical treatment by using urine from various hemispheres that were found or revealed.

In present day, have many medical treatment practitioners who opened the therapy clinic by using urine as its patient healer. These medical treatment practitioners came from various backgrounds of education, in fact many also that had a background in modern medical education. After empirically succeeded in curing various patients’ diseases by using urine, many of they afterwards held the research about the content, the benefit, and the usefulness of urine scientifically so as to be able to be spread to the world's populations that were skeptical with urine therapy.

Like that the importance of urine as one of the cheap alternative medical treatment and was easy to be gotten, so as to make the experts in medical treatment of urine therapy (was mentioned also urotherapy, urinotherapy or uropathy) several times hold the World Conference about urine therapy. In that Word Conference, the expert of urinotherapy is recognizing each other, discussing, and distributed their experiences was their respective concerning urine therapy in the research and the practice.

Along with this was the history of urine therapy in countries that could be regarded as the pioneer of urine therapy in the world.


Urine therapy was in India since five thousand years ago. In the chapter with the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi title in the ancient book of the Damar Tantra, was discussed about aspects of medical treatment by using urine. It is not surprising since ancient till now; in India the usual person treated his health by drinking a glass of urine each morning.

The important person in India that had done it was prime minister of India, Morarji Bhai Desai. Morarji Bhai Desai practiced auto urine therapy (drinking one's own urine) in the morning to keep fit. In an interview, he stated that he was afflicted with piles in his 40s and was advised to try out drinking shivambu. (shiv = holy, ambu = water; in the therapy, urine is called shivambu). He felt benefits of the therapy within a week, and was soon completely cured. He continued the therapy for the rest of his life and argued for its curative effects on health. His experience was contained in the Time magazine in 1979.

After feeling the benefit and the usefulness of urine therapy, at 1974 Morarji Bhai Desai built Shivambu Yoga and Nature Cure Center in Shivambu Bhavan, Vashi Naka Road, KOLHAPUR 416012, that set medical treatment with urine therapy aside. Know it is managed by the Shivambu Health Research Institute. Every year, thousands of patient in this hospital is cured from various disease like asthma, allergy, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, digestion inflammation, colitis, gastritis, paralysis, neurosis, hypertension, heart disease, pericarditis, psoriasis, mononucleosis, obstetrical disease, menstruation problem, and various cancer.

Not only that, the clinic of urine therapy afterwards often was found in various cities in India, like the clinic belonging to Dr. Sarang Patil, M.D., Dr. Shashi Patil, M.D., and Dr. B.V. Khare, M.D. Most of they practiced not less than 25 years and still is active now.

Because so mushroom growth clinics that used urine therapy, as well as the institution that researched the benefit and the usefulness of urine in India, then not surprised if India afterwards held the First All India Urine Therapy Conference at 1993 in Goa. More than 200 delegations were present at this conference. The Second All India Urine Therapy Conference was held at 1997 in Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad.

Previously, at 1996 in Panjim, Goa, was held the first World Conference on Auto Urine Therapy (Shivambu Kalp). This conference was organized by Water of Life Foundation India and was attended by 600 delegations from 17 countries. This conference was important for countries that did not have enough budgets to finance the health service of their community.