Monday, June 23, 2008

Patikan China (Euphorbia thymifolia Linn)

Because of the activity in the work, I just could to write again in this Alternative Health Articles blog now. In this opportunity, we didn’t yet continue discussions about urine therapy in this Alternative Health Articles, but we will discuss about Patikan China (Euphorbia thymifolia Linn) one of the drug plants that many of his benefits for our health.

Common name of Patikan China (Latin: Euphorbia thymifolia Linn) include Gelang Pasir, Krokot China (Java); Ki Mules, Nanangkaan Gede, Useup Nana (West Java); Jalu-jalu Tona (Maluku); Xiao lei yang cao (China); Makikitot (Philippines). This plant could be found in South-East Asia, China, and Indochina.

Patikan China was the small herb plant crawled, sometimes half of the stand, had hair, was gotten everywhere around grass in the page, around the field, the edge of the road on the places that were rather wet until the height 1.400 m. from sea level. The stick and his leaves were rather reddish, when being broken issued latex. The leaves are opposite, very small, oval, came face to face, his smell was fragrant. The flower was pink.

Chemical content of Patikan China are myricyl alcohol, ethanolic, taraxerol, tirucalol, kamzuiol, hentriacon-tane (roots); cosmosiin (stem & leaves).

With various contents of chemistry in Patikan China, so as this plant could cure various diseases like anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-herpes, dysentery, typhus abdominals, enteritis, diarrhea, bleed piles, cathartic, worms.
From Philippines, Nadkarni reports that the expressed juice of the powdered plant is given with wine as a remedy for bites of venomous reptiles and also applied externally to the bitten part. It is also applied to ringworm, and, mixed with chloride of ammonium; it is applied for the cure dandruff. Ridley says that the drug is an expectorant and is useful for coughs.

The Patikan China crop part that was used was all the crop part, fresh or dehydrated. The taste of Patikan China was rather souring, astringent, and somewhat cool.

Along with this several examples of the use:
For cure dysentery and bleed piles
How to use: 15-30 gram dry or 30-60 gram fresh of Patikan China, was boiled, drank.

For outside use:
Eczema, allergic dermatitis (skin diseases because allergy), herpes, very itchy on skin, abscess of breasts.
How to use: Fresh Patikan China was boiled to wash the area that was sick. Its latex was dropped for the spot in comea (micula).

Thus, this discussion about Patikan China in this Alternative Health Articles blog is finish. It is hoped could become the reference material for us who wanted to carry out alternative medical treatment (the back to nature) that secure and cheap. There is happy news, I now arrange permission to market my herb products such as pill, powder or dehydrated.

Thank you for your visit to my site. Good healthy and peaceful always.

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