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Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb)

Common names Temulawak (Latin: Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb) include koneng gede, temulabak, temu putih, false turmeric, giant curcuma, dilao, and shu kuat keung wong. Area Indo-Malaysia representing place where from this Temulawak disseminate to whole world. The present, this plant besides in South-East Asia can meet also in China, Indochina, Barbados, Japan, Korea, United States, and some states of Europe.

Temulawak represent plant have sham bar to highly till 1 m but less than 2 m, colored green or dark brown. The rhizome root of Temulawak formed finely and have strength branch colored dark green. Every bar having leaf 2 – 9 pieces with domed form lengthwise to lancet, color of leaf is green or purplish brown bright to dark, length of leaf is 31 – 84 cm and width is 10 – 18 cm.

Chemical content of Temulawak’s rhizome consisting of fellandrean, turmerol, volatile oil, curcuminoids, camphor, glucoside, foluymetic carbinol, and starch. Extract of Temulawak’s rhizome can cure adenoids, anorecsia, anti-cholesterol, anti-inflamasi, anti-pyretic, bile pain, bloody diarrhea, hepatitis, hypercholesterolemia, jaundice, nephritis, etc.

So, if You suffer one of the disease like is above mentioned, why not try Temulawak as alternative medication from nature?

Red Fruit (Pandanus Conoideus Lam)

Red Fruit is a kind traditional fruit from Papua, Indonesia. By Wamena society, Papua, this fruit is named as Tawi, Sauk Ekendi or Kuansu. The Latin name of Red Fruit (Buah Merah) is Pandanus Conoideus Lam, because Red Fruit plant is including Pandanus family with tree look like screw pine, high but plant can reach 16 m with highly free bar of branch alone as high as 5-8 m which tighten roots support at bar side under.

Cultivar’s fruit is elliptical with bud closed fruit leaf. Red Fruit by itself its fruit length reach 55 cm, diameter 10-15 cm, and weight 2-3 kg. Its color when reached matured moment is bright red, although in fact there is this plant type which bear fruit brown and tan brass.

To society in Wamena, Red Fruit presented for the food at custom party burn stone. But, there are also many exploiting it as drug. Traditionally, Red Fruit from former epoch hereditarily have been consumed, because its can cure many of disease like preventing eye disease, wormy, skin disease, and improve stamina.

Based upon result of analysis, chemical content of the Red Fruit consists of high nutrient substances. They are karoten (12,000 ppm), betakatoren (700 ppm), tokoferol (11,000 ppm), oleat acid, linoleat acid, linolenat acid, dekanoat acid, Omega 3, Omega 9, calcium, and Fe. They are active medicine compounds.

Betakaroten functions to slow down artery spots blockage. As a result, blood can flow to hearth and brain smoothly. They can interact with protein doubling antibody output. This can increase the number of natural cell killer and increasing to helpers and lymphocyte activities. One study found consumption of betakaroten 30-60 mg/day for 2 months caused body produced diseases free natural cells. Increasing such natural cells may minimize cancer cells production because it can neutralize carcinogens compound free radical which is known as cancer source.

Another function of the Red Fruit is as anti-carcinogens which is more perfect with the presence of tokoferol. This compound functions to increase body immune system. The Red Fruit which consists of high dozes of Omega 3 and Omega 9 is non saturated fat acid, easily digested and absorbed as a result metabolism can run smoothly. Smooth metabolism process will increase recovery process. Because body obtained protein supply to increase body resistance power.

The Red Fruit’s fat acid is also antibiotic and antivirus. They function to slow down and kill virus lipids membrane. In addition, virus is not given opportunity to develop new structure as a result regeneration can’t be performed. Due to its competence, it actively prevent and kill viruses. In addition, it also able to slow down and kill active tumor cells.

Based chemical content of the Red Fruit, its used to cure multi diseases medicine like antioxidant, blind, diabetes mellitus, eye disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, lungs disease, osteoporosis, powerless, rheumatic, skin disease, stroke, tumor/cancer, weakness, wormy, etc.
To get Red Fruit is easy. You needn’t came by self to Wamena, Papua, Indonesia. Now, Red Fruit have extract in the form of oil and soft capsule.
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