Monday, August 04, 2008

Amino acid Evolution (AMNE)

Amino acid Evolution (AMNE) had the content of the amino acid essential and nonessential that really played a role in the process of regeneration of the cell. AMNE had the content of Whey Protein that was compiled by chain amino acids of the branch, were useful helped the immunity system and will increase the response hormonal and cellular. Increased performance physical, helped reached and maintained the healthy weight, satisfied the requirement for body protein that increased at the time of suffered was sick and in the recuperation period. AMNE supplemented with Fitohormon that helped the work of the cerebellum to carry out the coordination of the body organ, among them including the heart to become maximal supplied O2 to cells. AMNE had the content of the Pre biotic element, was useful to stimulate the growth and the activity of the bacteria in the intestines that were useful for the health of humankind. AMNE very good was consumed by the baby, children, the mother was pregnant and suckled, the sportsman, the person that was in the period of illness recuperation, the person who needed stamina and the high concentration as well as the person that paid attention to the health in the long term.

One AMNE bottle contained 30 capsules. The price per a bottle is $9.50. If you were interested in could contact Hermawan Irdhijanto in:

Phone: 62274498479; 6285643264885; 6281328780125 or

Email: hermawan_irdhijanto@yahoo.com; whaone.001@gmail.com